Moon Anagliph

Moon Anagliph

Datos de la imagen

Nombre Moon Anagliph Tipo de Objeto Sistema Solar  
Telescopio / Objetivo Meade LX90 Lugar y Fecha Buenos Aires, 21/02/2008
Cámara Canon 350 Digital Rebel - Filtro Type I Constelación Leo
Tomas 2 Tiempo Total

Captura en conjunto con ESAC

An anaglyph showing the Lunar Eclipse in 3D from coordinated observations by Leonardo Julio, Alejandro Tombolini and Adriana Fernández from Arenales y Agüero, Capital Federal, Argentina and Manuel Castillo at ESAC.

The image in Argentina was captured with a Meade LX 90 telescope and an Olympus Evolt E-500 camera.

The image from Majadahonda (Madrid) in Spain was captured using a 9 cm/F10 Matsukov-Cassegrain Telescope and a Canon400D camera.

The timing of both observations was 01:56 UT 21 Febraury 2008.

The images were selected from identifcation of the corresponding stereoscopic pair in a sequence covering all the shadow immersion. Alignment and scaling was performed using conventional image processing techniques.

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